Privacy and Terms of use of the Leumia
  • It’s not possible to change the email address. So, please pay close attention in registering your email address.
  • Please, confirm your email address after registering. Otherwise, it’s not possible to withdraw from the account.
  • After buying each packages, there is no possibility to cancel it.
  • After buying each ticket of lottery, there is no possibility to refund the ticket.
  • If a user registered with multiple emails addresses, it’s considered as fraud. Then the main account and other accounts will be blocked.
  • Please avoid sending a non-emergency SPAM message on support section
  • If you scan the site, any attempts for every kind of hacking the site and also DDOS-ATTACK, your exact information such as IP address, location, your system hardware information and also the exact information of your ISP is referred to the legal authorities.
  • Leumia monitor users' activities in 24 hours during the day and night on all seven days in the week. And will deal seriously with breaking laws and breaches of security obligations.
  • Leumia supports European GDPR laws entirely and every time you needed your detailed information you can request it from supporting team.
  • Leumia is a secure place for your money and identity which its creation is based on your trust.
  • Leumia uses the most powerful servers and secure firewalls for security and users more speed.
  • Leumia's supporting and programming team are one of the best experts at network security area.
    Your information is quiet secure and protected.
  • Notice, when you request withdraw from account to your personal wallet, you need to pay a little for the fee of the network of that currency which will decrease automatically from the saved amount and the rest will be sent.
  • Fee amount is related to the network difficulty and how much busy is the network currency. This is automated entirely and we have no interfere in it.