Frequently Asked Questions
Is registering free in Leumia?
Yes. Registering is completely free and doesn't need to pay any price.
Which currencies are being supported in Leumia?
Litecoin, Bitcoin and Dogecoin currently. But other currencies are going to be added to the system as soon as possible.
Are deposit and withdraw happens immediately in Leumia?
Yes. All deposits and withdraws are going to be done immediately and also automatically.
Is there any limitation for specific countries?
No. Leumia has no limitation for any countries and all people can be active in it from every where in the world.
How is supporting in Leumia?
Supporting is going to be 24 hours on all week days and we're going to answer you as soon as possible.
Will it guarantee the secure of personal and finantial user information?
Yes. All the information will be saved in our multiple strong servers and also it'll be backed up automatically.
How is the lottery?
In lottery portion, you can receive whatevere ticket you want. And it's going to perform justly, in a determined time, lively in our instagram page and then the gift will be deposit in to fhe user's account immediately.
Is there any commission for me if I introduce my friends to Leumia?
Yes. For every user transactions that you introduced them to the Luminatiy, you'll receive immediate wage. If you have activated multi level packages, you can even gain profits from the new users that your friends have introduced them and you'll receive wage from their transactions, as well.
To what level of introducing users, I'll gain commission?
Currently up to 4 levels you'll gain commission. If you have introduced new user and the new user introduced another new user and if the introducing continued up to 4 levels, you'll gain commission.
How to recover my password?

If you forgot or lost your password, please proceed to our Log in page and click on the link "Forgot password?".

A reset email will be sent to the email address associated with your Leumia account and you will be able to change your password following the link from the email.

How to start using a different email?

There is no option to change the existing email address for your account. Although, you can create a new account with a different email and send all the mined coins from the existing account to the new one.

My withdrawal didn’t come. What to do?

If you sent your money to a wallet or to an exchange account, but it didn’t reach destination, please check where the problem might be first:

Go to your Withdrawal history and click Info in the right column.

Click on the Transaction hash of the withdrawal you want to check. You will be redirected to the page containing information about your transaction. Check the status of your transaction.

If you see that the transaction is confirmed, it means that it has been added to the blockchain and the money has left Leumia correctly. In case it’s not credited to your destination account or wallet, you should contact the support team of the receiving party and provide them with the required information or update your crypto wallet to the latest version.

If the transaction is not confirmed, you should contact our support team so we can refund your Leumia account. When asking for a refund, please make sure that you include the hash of transaction that needs to be refunded and mention your Leumia account email.

Is it possible that my transactions to be lost?
No. All transactions performs completely smart and automated and there will never be a lost transactions for you and also all financial information will be calculated completely accurate.